Yet another change.

So I decided to deactivate my old blog and get a new one. I think it’s the result of recent changes I’m observing in myself. But oh well, I like changes. The purpose stays the same nonetheless. Another way of voicing my thoughts. Because I believe writing is the easiest way to let your heart convey it’s message.

This blog here will work as another mark I’m going to leave. It will be here even after I’ll be gone. I created this blog so that years from now I can come back and laugh at the silly stuff I wrote and how I have changed, become a different person.

Maybe it’s the beginning of yet another end. I don’t know yet. So hop along with me on this journey and we shall sail the rivers and cross the deserts.

Remember that changes are an important part of every journey and as for me, I love them. Keep reading to know more.

Love 🙂


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