Look For The Girl With A Broken Smile…

Sometimes I just feel like giving up, she said. I looked at her, critically. She looked pale and tired, her eyes gave away more than she thought they did.

Its been a while since we have had those ‘Our chats”, but not a single day has passed without recalling those memories. The days passed looking outside the window, counting cars and talking about strangers. The nights, on the other hand, were always full of her unending stories and the sound of her laughter. The best part of my childhood.
She looked at me with eyes full of questions. Questions I knew I couldn’t answer. Questions I knew have been haunting her for a while now. Questions she expected me to answer.
You need to stay strong and keep holding on, I said.
‘You mean keep faking the smile till it becomes legit enough to fool others and myself ?’
Her words left me heartbroken. The place she has in my life can never be replaced. Nothing I do can ever compensate what she has done for me. I don’t even know if I tell her this enough or not.
May be I just assumed that she knows. I’l make sure I don’t assume that again.

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