Words Over A Cup of Coffee

She always found it so easy, natural to put it right, speaking her heart out when she was with the two loves of her life: him and the coffee. The steam from the coffee blurred his face and it looked so serene, so unnatural to her. “I love coffee. And you, of course.” he said. “What is it that you love so much about coffee?” she asked him not understanding his sudden love for coffee. “You are infectious.” he replied. “That’s not the answer to my question.” she said. After looking at her for what seemed like immeasurably long minute he said, “Coffee makes you speak. It is as if there is absolutely nothing in this entire world that can hold your words back. Cage you. The fluency is impeccable. Even though most of the times it’s gibberish, I see your words breaking their own boundaries and defying their own state of gravity. It’s an exquisite sight.”
She sighed heavily. So much more to those words and he just noticed their urgency, she thought.


  1. H.K. · August 29, 2012

    i think somebody who notices and takes pleasure in your unrestrained words is also capable of understanding the meaning behind them.

    • lalwaniadyka · August 30, 2012

      Yes, sometimes, maybe. But a lot of times your presence overpowers your words and that’s where it all goes wrong. Words are mistaken and misunderstood 🙂

  2. nonyism · September 4, 2012

    You are infectious ::) (y) liked this par most

    • lalwaniadyka · September 4, 2012

      Thank you 🙂

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