Thank You For Breaking.

This is for you Zuhair because you won’t let me send it to ET. Jerk you are.

Thank you for breaking, my bones, not my fast.

Thank you for waiting, until blood ordained your path.

Thank you for swearing on my mother’s ill fate.

Thank you for your wisdom, your pride and your hate.

Thank you for listening, for understanding my plea.

Thank you for making me unable to hear, to smell, to see.

Thank you for the sermon, your words meant so much to me.

Thank you for a speedy conversion, my life meant more to me.

Thank you for the call to prayer, I’m sure you’ve done God proud.

If it wasn’t for His Mercy, your justice was already well endowed.

Thank you for the invitation, to your hearts and your mosque.

Thank you for the laws that forbid sustenance till dusk.

Thank you for your empathy, you got the message through.

If I was poor and a Muslim, I wouldn’t have forgiven you.

– This has been written in light of several cases of flogging when people eat out in the open, or condemnation of eating openly in Ramzan. To stay patient and forbearing even when people around you are consumed in the delicacies of life is a true fast: it is not an exhibition of your piety, your righteousness, your judgement. – Zuhair Abbas Merchant


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