A Late Night Walk…

He came over to see me out of blue last night when no one was at my place.

“Wanna go for a walk?” He asked. “Sure.” I said, grabbed the keys and walked out with him.

It was way after midnight, the streets were deserted and far off I can hear the sea roaring to life with its high tidal waves thrashing the rocks in joy of their union. It was unusually chilly. Or maybe it was his presence and the night that made me feel so cold, vulnerable and strong at the same time. I was wearing my favorite jeans and a V-neck cutoff shirt. And he, well he was not in his best attire and I wondered why?

We walked through the streets until we reached at a point from where the sea was visible. The road stretched in front, separating us from the unclean sand and beautiful in it’s own way Karachi beach. He took off his jacket and handed it over to me. I gave him a very confused look. His eyes were full of determination, rage, passion and somehow love. The last part scared me. I took the jacket from him without saying a word, put it on and rolled my eyes at him to which he smiled. We crossed the road and walked over to the damp rocks. He held my hand and pulled me over to his side so that I was seated close to him.

We stared at the sea in complete silence. None of us spoke yet so many words and sentences were exchanged.

He always said that he would never choose to live by the sea. He can’t live near something so strong, so influential and so harsh. Well now that he does, he doesn’t complain much about it. I, on the other hand, always wanted to stay close to the sea. It keeps me calm and tickles some sort of thrill inside me both at the same time. I remember once we drove past the sea and he said that the sea and the city both have a very forgiving heart. Part of the reason he didn’t like them. This always confused me but I never brought it up like a million other things about him having the same effect on me.

The sea stretched far and blended with the sky at a point making is difficult to distinguish between the two of them. The grays melted into blacks and the sand far off seemed like wet silver glitter. The moon was as-usual alone and breathtaking. Even at such a dark and quiet time, the stars weren’t visible. I think it is one thing I’d want this city to have. But again, the imperfections of Karachi make it more beautiful and real.

Two guys on a motor bike passed by, giving us weird looks. Probably thinking what everyone else would upon seeing two people dressed like that at such an ungodly hour. I brushed the thought away, closed my eyes and let the wind play with my hair and caress my skin. When I opened my eyes, I found him staring at me with such intensity in his eyes that it made my heart skip a beat. He tucked a loose strand behind my ear, blinked and looked away before I can read his expression and adjust to what just happened. How can I ever keep up with this man? Sigh. He took a cigarette out of his pocket, lit it and started smoking. I looked at him and remembered how once he said that he’d never smoke in front of me.

I stood up and started walking towards the water. A moment later I found him catching pace with me. We walked quietly, hand in hand, along the sea line leaving the city moan and unite with the sea behind us.



  1. Ali Azhar · September 1, 2012

    When you read such a thing and picture it in your mind it makes things around you feel beautiful. #GoodStartToDay 🙂 awesome!

    • lalwaniadyka · September 1, 2012

      Thank you. You made my day 😀

  2. Khushbakht · September 1, 2012

    It was a beautiful piece and filled with some really intense unsaid emotions.Enjoyed reading it……….:D

    • lalwaniadyka · September 2, 2012

      Thank you 🙂 Keep reading.

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