Project Today Day # 04 – Signs


“They asked for a sign, Adyka Lalwany, evidence that I stir within their souls, that I conspire tirelessly on their behalf, and that all is exactly as it should be.

Do you think they mean besides simply being alive at all?

Things that make you go, “Hmmmmm…”
The Universe”


It conspires, the universe, yes it does!

Ever had those gut feelings? Intuitions? Those signs coming from a source you can’t name? Those moments when your heart tells you to do it, do it without fear?


Follow that!

These signs, these spontaneous gut feelings hold a lot of importance. Take a stride and follow these signs you see along your path. Give in to them once in a while, don’t over-think. Be it an exam, a tough decision, a silly choice, a matter of few words, an event of apparent silence or a loud thud shaking your entire world, look around for clues, these hidden signs, and follow the lead.

Surprise your life for a change!

Trust me it’s going to be worth it!

Try it!

You’d thank me later. 😀


This silence…

Sometimes we go beyond words. Times when words can’t fill the air with feelings being evoked inside. Those are the times when silence takes over…

“You know I think the music binds us together.”

“Ahan! what will be that one song that will always remind you of this, us?”

“A song without any words.”

Project Today Day # 03 – Quest

“Adyka, Adyka! Listen to me. Journey, not the destination. Focus on that.” He said while doodling on the Gloria Jeans’ menu.


You, yes you, are beautiful! And everything about you, everything you do is also a beauty in itself. Always remember that! And this life, your journey, is what you need to make beautiful. This is what you need to focus on.

The quest, yes that’s what matters. Your destination is nothing without your journey. It is what makes your destination worth reaching, you goal worth aiming. After all what’s the fun in achieving something without a longing, without striving for it, without fighting the obstacles, without the quest?

Let go of your worries. Let them all go. Focus on your journey, your quest. Your aim might change, again and again but your quest, this path, is what will make it all worth remembering, worth cherishing.

Destination, goals, aims – they all are mere objects of your attentions, parts of your dreams. What makes your existence beautiful is the quest for reaching them. Don’t give up living your journey for your destination. Leave a mark, take people along with you on your journey and let them go when it’s the right time, commit mistakes and fix them, make memories, lots of them, reach the heights and freely fall from them in order to reach much more up high and enjoy every bit of it. For nothing lasts more than a heartbeat and a blink. Make your journey a part of who you are, who you want to be.

Live it all through, with smiles worth a million dollars and tears shed for those who deserve them.

And remember…

This life, yours’ and mine, is a journey, not a destination!


These outbursts…

“Wait, what? You were stalking me?”

“No, I bailed on you last night and whenever I do that I wake up and check your tweets just to know how your night went.” He said and then smiled in surrender.

“Yeah and you thought I’d let the world know what I was going through, huh?”

Project Today Day # 02 – Beginnings

“I don’t know what will happen man. I don’t see the end, I can’t predict anything.”

“Listen. Relax. Breathe. Its just the beginning. End should be last thing on your mind.”

“Yeah but shouldn’t we start it all with an end in our mind?”

“No. We shouldn’t! What is happening right now, the beginning, this should be important to you and not what is going to happen. Why worry about something you aren’t even sure about?”

– Overheard while standing in a queue for buying Coke.

Its human nature to worry about what is yet to come and neglect what is happening right now. We always jump on thinking about the outcomes, the conclusion and the end results. The end. Something we don’t even know when or where will happen or to put it right, whether it will happen or not!

Relax. Take that initiative. Make that one choice and listen to that voice in your heart. Let go of the worries of the end, that’s far-fetched and unpredictable. Beginnings are beautiful. They matter. Make them worth remembering. Make them worthy enough that even if you don’t end on a good note, you’d still have something to look back and smile on.

Keep smiling.