Project Today Day # 02 – Beginnings

“I don’t know what will happen man. I don’t see the end, I can’t predict anything.”

“Listen. Relax. Breathe. Its just the beginning. End should be last thing on your mind.”

“Yeah but shouldn’t we start it all with an end in our mind?”

“No. We shouldn’t! What is happening right now, the beginning, this should be important to you and not what is going to happen. Why worry about something you aren’t even sure about?”

– Overheard while standing in a queue for buying Coke.

Its human nature to worry about what is yet to come and neglect what is happening right now. We always jump on thinking about the outcomes, the conclusion and the end results. The end. Something we don’t even know when or where will happen or to put it right, whether it will happen or not!

Relax. Take that initiative. Make that one choice and listen to that voice in your heart. Let go of the worries of the end, that’s far-fetched and unpredictable. Beginnings are beautiful. They matter. Make them worth remembering. Make them worthy enough that even if you don’t end on a good note, you’d still have something to look back and smile on.

Keep smiling.



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