Pakola Glass Bottles are Back!

Pakola needs no introduction in Pakistan. It is the leading local soda beverage which we all have tried and have grown up drinking! Now, we are delighted to announce the re-launch of the famous Pakola Glass Bottle!

Pakola is the only local soda which has established its name as the ‘national drink’ of our country. It was launched on 14th August, it’s green and it’s Pakistani! It is drink which stands for family, love and patriotism. It is a drink we have nostalgic feelings attached with. When are travelling abroad, this is the drink that reminds us of back home!

In 2013, the company had to curtail its production of glass bottles.  However, now after a break of almost two years, we bring back Pakola in its original glass packaging, Curvy Green 250 ml Glass Bottle.

We are proud to re-introduce the bottles to all Pakola lovers, at Karachi Eat 2015, starting 23rd January 2015 at Frere Hall Karachi. Glass bottles will be available at the Pakola Stall at the price of PKR 10.

Let’s Celebrate Food, friends, family and celebrate being Pakistani! Meet us at Karachi Eat 2015 tomorrow!

We look forward to having you all there and celebrating the return of the curvy green!

Pakola Glass bottle

NOTE: This PR is published in association with Digital Tribe and Pakola


A ‘Cup’ of coffee with a Key Opinion Leader

from the eyes of aurAdil

Good Day.
Something weird happened just lately and I just wanted to share something from my heart.
When we KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are asked to support agencies for WOM of their client’s projects free of cost and as a goodwill gesture, we also expect them to offer decent compensation in return if not money which we can charge as fee.
And when we do not ask for a fee and are told to be compensated via giveaways sent by clients for us – we expect agencies to be honest and give us what we should be rewarded with instead of sending us items like these.
Thanks for this Mug and Pen that I might never use.

PS : Show some respect to KOLs, your agency makes money because of us.

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9 Things You Need to Know Before You Engage with Bloggers for Your Business


As the rise in technology hits the world, the ever changing Digital Media Marketing business evolves at an even faster pace. Marketeers, in the attempt to come up with newer and more innovative means to make their product stand out, are trying unconventional mediums to propagate their messages.

While your Facebook, Google and Mobile Apps flood with advertisements, the constant flow of information makes it harder to make truly rewarding purchase decisions. This gives rise to an alternate method of disseminating content: Organic Seeding.

Organic Seeding uses individuals who are considered Key Opinion Leaders to spread awareness about a certain product or brand. Since these Key Opinion Leaders are trusted within their niche social communities, having their endorsement for your initiative can make a considerable difference in creating Top of Mind Awareness, generating conversations and in some cases even influencing purchase decisions.

More and more brands are starting to realise the…

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