Breaking: The most talked about #HotSecret has been revealed! A secret source just confirmed that Daraz’s #HotSecret is a new mobile phone brand launching in Pakistan! The phone is going to be apparently the best buy for today’s social media crazy users!

Over the weekend, after Daraz’s quite sexy and suggestive video, #hotsecret took over social media, making everyone question that what’s the hot thing coming our way? Check it out yourself!!

Several Twitterati reacted to the trending hashtag in a rather funny and punny way! Here are some of the top tweets that had me laughing like a mad woman!

Even I joined in 😀

Aren’t they hilarious?!

But, but, but…

At least the wait if finally over!!! And we all have an in on the #hotsecret now!


I can’t wait to know which brand it is, what sort of an exclusive phone it is, can you? Share your excitement on Twitter using #hotsecret!




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