Channel the #InnerGlow – Your Beauty Beyond the Standards

Every girl has within her the confidence to face the world, the determination to achieve her dreams, courage to unleash her true self and unblock her Inner Glow and no beauty standards should take that away from her! Pond’s this time around has taken a step forward and has spoken beyond the beauty standards through re-launching the Pond’s White Beauty cream and face-wash. With the GenWhite Technology that unblocks a million pinkish white cells underneath our skin, Pond’s has made the journey to unleash the #InnerGlow easy and efficient.

The GenWhite technology is professionally designed for deep absorption. It smoothly goes inside your skin, reaching three layers deeper and removing the dark spots along with the dark circles from the root – leaving your skin fresh and glowing.

Pond’s White Beauty’s GenWhite formula contains 3 main ingredients:

  1. Fairness Actives, more simply known as Pro-Vitamins to lighten skin, reduce dark spots and improve skin texture
  2. Skin Benefit Actives to moisturize and soothe skin. They also prevent oxidization which causes wear and tear. This destruction and disintegration of the skin causes aging and more importantly, skin cells to die. The Allantoin in Pond’s White Beauty acts as an Anti-Oxidant and keeps repairing the skin.
  3. Also, Triple Sun-Screens to protect against harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB) of the sun.

To relaunch this phenomenal solution for skin problems, Pond’s held a bloggers event at Area 51 and brought together girls from all walks of life unblock their #Innerglow.

The decor was done beautifully, depicting Pond's identity.

The decor was done beautifully, depicting Pond’s identity.

The event was a pure delight, starting off with the Assistant Brand Manager Rabia Abdullah educating all the bloggers about what Pond’s stands for and who is a Pond’s Girl. The event was hosted by Alishba Yousuf, a Pond’s girl who started off her journey with Pond’s in her teenage year and is still celebrating beauty beyond standards with Pond’s.

photography } films | photobooth

Alishba Yousuf

The bloggers were then engaged to Uncover the #InnerGlow wall by making the social media glow. Several positive sentiments and compliments were shared on social media to instill positivity within the digital spaces.

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

And here’s what was behind the #InnerGlow wall..

photography } films | photobooth

Several bloggers came together to celebrate beauty and to set sail on a journey to unblock their #innerglow. For many bloggers, it was about getting out of their comfort zones and speaking out what they stand for. Why not, after all Pond’s is all about wearing your confidence around 😉

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

photography } films | photobooth

The event ended on a good note, with amazing food to taste and much more amazing gifts from Pond’s!

PicMonkey Collage

My Journey To #InnerGlow – Taking Forward the Legacy of a Pond’s Girl

I have always been an avid user of Pond’s face-wash and since last year I have been using the Pond’s White Beauty cream as well. Naturally, with the year of trust, I decided to try this new and improved Pond’s White Beauty cream and face-wash. This is what it did to my skin!

Day 1: The skin remained same, however the face-wash made my skin feel fresh. I decided to use the cream twice a day – Once in the morning and once before going to bed, making it a part of my daily beauty regime.

Day 2: Got all my girls to start using Pond’s White Beauty Cream and Face-wash because it was working so great with my skin!


Day 3: The cream when applied gave my skin a very smooth texture so I started used it instead of my regular foundation. For the routine use, Pond’s White Beauty Cream served as the perfect product for my skin and it had started toning my skin color.

Day 4: My skin started to feel smoother. My dark circles and spots had just begun to fade, leaving my skin fresh and glowing.

Day 5: The glow on my face was so evident it made me smile and blush! The whole idea of wearing your confidence around made so much sense. First to me it was about my personality and now Pond’s added to it, making it about being comfortable in my skin and my flaws. We ladies were loving how Pond’s was channeling our #InnerGlow


Day 6: The Face-wash never failed to surprise me with the abundance of freshness on my skin. With every single use, it made me fall in love with my skin.

Day 7: Do you see that glow on my skin? Do I even need to write about it?


I’m so relieved after making Pond’s White Beauty cream and face-wash a part of my beauty regime! Its summer and we all can expect all sorts of tan marks, dark spots, dust clogged pores and what not.

So now taking forward the Pond’s Journey, I’m nominating two beautiful women:

Jadirah Samad and Sarah Rahman

So ladies, set sail on this amazing journey and unblock your #innerglow with Pond’s!


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