#LiveItAbhi – The Fawad Khan Style

Every summer has a story, every summer has one best memory and every summer has has a drink that beats the heat!

But honey this summer, we’ve got Fawad Khan along with Pepsi to add to all the glory!ezgif.com-crop

Seems like Pepsi is up to something super amazing, hence the pairing of chilled Pepsi and the hot Fawad Khan 😉


Pepsi’s new ad commercial has featured Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan, beating the heat with chilled Pepsi! Just the first sight of it had several people craving for Pepsi!

Going back to the golden days of my childhood, I remember how Pepsi was the highlight of the summer. How it was the most craved for thing at the dinning table, be it lunch or dinner, or a hangout with friends, be it a study session or any moment to celebrate joy, Pepsi was always a part of it! The tradition has continued, Pepsi has made its place in our hearts and now with Fawad Khan in the ads, it definitely made a score!


So what are you all waiting for? #LiveItAbhi with the hotness Fawad Khan and of course Pepsi! Make your summer! Oh and don’t forget to check out the ad! You won’t regret it!

Happy Summers ❤


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