Rediscover Your Inner Glow With Pond’s

What is the real definition of beauty?

The basic stereotype answer we have been hearing for all this time is that ‘gora rang’ or ‘fair skin’ is what actually defines beauty. God forbid if you don’t have gora rang then you don’t deserve to live a happy life or feel good about yourself. This is the general phenomenon that has been seeded into our minds ever since we are young and adolescent, and we have grown up seeing countless examples of how gora rang is supposed to be considered superior from all.

Thanks to Pond’s Pakistan, I recently got to witness what the true side of beauty is and I would love to share my experience with you all.

Pond’s recently held an exuberant event relaunching its White Beauty Cream and Facewash, another one-of-a-kind product range from this brand which is going to change everyone’s perception about beauty. Pond’s…

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