Lighting Up Lives, One At a Time

With the holy month of Ramzan starting and the heat wave picking up in Karachi, several brands have come forward to join and support causes in order to benefit humanity. Keeping up with the pace, Pepsi Pakistan took an initiative to bring out positivity and light up Pakistan this Ramzan.

The recent Liter of Light Pakistan CSR Campaign has created noise on digital media platforms, generating talkability about Pepsi doing its part towards instilling positivity in Pakistan. The campaign aims towards up-cycling the empty Pepsi bottles and turning them into low-cost Solar Powered Lights and lighting up the high load-shedding affected areas of Pakistan. They provided IDP camps with up-cycled Pepsi plastic bottles that were converted to lights powered by solar energy. These lights were installed in houses, hospitals and localities and made a real difference in lives of the people in the Jalozai camp. The installation was documented by the renowned Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

While being a youth-oriented brand and simultaneously taking an initiative towards supporting a cause, Pepsi has taken a fresh turn in terms of brand positioning and marketing in Pakistan. Being a brand of the masses, Pepsi has always been successful in touching hearts and creating the needed impact on the audience.

Currently Pepsi has successfully installed several lights in Muhalla Alipura, Khaliqabad and is working towards lighting up several other areas of Pakistan during Ramzan. It’s amazing to see how the brand is already up and working, making a difference and engaging many others to add to the cause.


Engaging the young celebrities like Sanam Saeed, Syra Yousaf, Azfar Rehman and Hamza Ali Abbasi, seems like Pepsi is sending a message to the youth and inviting them to become a part of the campaign.

Amidst the negativity that we Pakistanis face everyday, it’s really refreshing to see brands making a difference through supporting causes and making Pakistan a better place.


So this Ramzan, instead of throwing away the bottles, up-cycle them for a bigger and better reason! I know I’m going to do that, you should too!

You can follow the digital footsteps of the campaign through the hashtag #LightingUpLives and on Pepsi Pakistan’s Facebook page:


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