Toyota – It’s Definitely A #GrandeAffair

Several brands, be it FMCGs, MNCs or small businesses are experimenting with Digital Outreach, talkability and word of mouth generated by social media key opinion leaders. Toyota, jumping on the bandwagon, initiated it’s own Blogger Meet-up, however, it wasn’t anything like the ones we bloggers are used to attending!

Initiating the hype by sending these beautiful USB Key-chains, Toyota Pakistan invited bloggers from all walks of life to Indulge in the #GrandeAffair at Indus Motor Company Headquarters.CM31ugCUYAAyhf7

Coming to the event part, the KOLs were invited to take an exclusive tour of the toyota manufacturing facilities, getting the first hand experience of how a car is designed, manufactured, tested and then delivered. The bloggers were briefed on the new Corolla Altis Grande, and informed of the car’s superior continuous variable transmission technology that provides excellent performance and unmatched fuel efficiency in its class of vehicles. They also informed that the new Corolla variants being manufactured in Pakistan now have more than 60 percent local components. The new Corolla has 760 additional parts made in Pakistan. Besides Corolla, IMC has further strengthened its product line-up to incorporate more options for customers in the country. These include the Hilux range of Commercial Pickups available in both 4×2 and 4×4 variants, Hilux Vigo double cabin pickups for thrill seekers and the Fortuner SUV for people who want superior, all-terrain vehicle with added comfort and luxury.

The bloggers and key opinion leaders were also invited to test-drive the Corolla Altis Grande and Fortuner to experience the exceptional on ground performance and features such as cruise control and paddle shifting gears.




The whole experience of watching a car getting manufactured was fascinating but the best part was yet to come. A cruise dinner was arranged for the bloggers to socialize, engage and enjoy the night breeze of Karachi.


Toyota Pakistan didn’t only provide us with the amazing experience but also gave us the perfect weekend escapade away from the hustle bustle of the city!

Such events where KOLs can get an exclusive insight to a brand’s vision definitely add a lot more value to the digital engagement for the brand.

For more information, follow Toyota’s Digital Profiles




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