Coca Cola – Hitting You Right In The Feels

Coca Cola has never failed in seizing the opportunity and becoming that connecting hook between strangers, lovers, countries, friends and generally people around the world. Whether you share a bond with each other or not, Coca Cola finds a way to bring you together. This time around, Coca Cola took their #ShareACoke campaign to next level, leveraging the idea of communicating through facial expressions and coming up with #ShareAFeeling campaign.


The campaign was executed in the South-East Asia, mainly in Singapore and Vietnam, instituting a communicative connection via emoticon and expressions. The emoticons printed on the Coke bottles and cans became a popular way of communication amongst those who fell in love at the first sight, those who couldn’t find words to express and those who didn’t want to lose a chance to spread love!

The campaign TVC here will hit you right in the feels like it did to people in South-East Asia:

Another one from the campaign executed in Vietnam connected strangers on the road, people who cross our paths everyday but we never take a minute to talk to them, to appreciate their beauty! Coca Cola knew right where to step in and connect people together!

As a brand dedicated to sharing happiness and connecting people, Coca Cola has gone several extra miles to ensure a rather happy, connected and loving world for us! Hats off to Coca Cola for coming up with such an amazing extension to an already brilliant #ShareACoke campaign that brought so many people together!


I can always proudly say, Once a Coke Lover, Always a Coke Lover!


Parachabafi – Traditional Meets Modern

The hand-painted fabric, in shape of artifacts and fancy clothes is something us desis have grown up with. Either watching our mom’s wearing them or dressing up at a family event wearing a hand-painted colorful kameez. It has been a part of our traditional attire and has had it\s sweet time in Pakistan’s fashion trends.

Well, how if I tell you that someone has been finding the middle ground between then and now and is making Traditional meet the Modern?

Allow me to Introduce you to Parchabafi!


The Paracha family brand, owned by Nida Paracha is bringing back the hand-painted fabric trend with a modern touch to it. This Eid, Nida launched her Exclusive Eid Collection, successfully conducting her second exhibition.

The Paracha family since generations have been associated with pristine quality textile manufacturing and design, and this brand follows this very tradition.

The designer’s inspiration this year was French Art blended with Pakistan’s Cultural Style. The designer label claims to come from the core of Asia, the land of art & culture as a solution to all your wardrobe issues! Who wouldn’t love that?

12087390_10153075361506034_160414375_n 12084068_10153075361591034_745801017_n 12077520_10153075361561034_1802021560_n

Parchabafi incorporates different themes, styles and designs including embellishing chiffons, silks, wrinkle free & machine washable fabrics with Serwoski, laces, buttons, sequence, bindings, motifs and zarree apart from the hand-painted fabrics.


The brand offers five major collections, categorizing their designs in under these names:

Vignette: For the sociable, employed or academically acquiring, woman – the vignette line offers a very off-the-cuff, relaxed and contented balance.

Blend: This one provides the optimal attire for semi-formal evening events. Be it a quaint tea-party with your friends or a much-awaited family gathering.

Engraved: Engraved moves to cater to the customers requiring a more nuptial-oriented look. Perfect for weddings and such, the engraved line consistently and impeccably delivers detailed embroidery and all the associated glamour.

Concept: The Concept collection provides as complete a look as any un-stitched fabric would allow. They take on the initiative of enchanting the customers a step beyond their own requirements and, in doing so; present to you the option of processing their Concept collection as per your requirements and specifications sprinkled with the talent of their own designers and master workmen.

Abstract: The epitome of Parchabafi’s contemporary nature, what they provide in the abstract line is consistently evolving delivery of the latest fashions and trends before they even present themselves to the arcade. It becomes both liberal and conservative, all curled up into attire you just won’t be able to get enough of.


The Exhibition took place in Karachi at the Prince Jeweler’s Outlet a few days ago, showcasing Nida’s this year’s French inspired intertwined with Pakistan’s Culture fashion line.

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Personally, I love how they are incorporating the Traditional designs and giving them a modern touch to create clothes for working women. Here’s to more meaningful fashion and great design! More power to you Nida!

For more details and to place orders, visit their social media profiles