Glam Got Wheels

Fashion industry in Pakistan is gradually catching up to all the international standards set up by fashion hubs like NYC, LA, Milan, Paris etc. Karachi being the city of lights isn’t really falling behind when it comes to rising super models, make up artists, designer labels and fashion shows. With the boom is fashion industry in Pakistan, the digital media and marketing cheetahs have struck the right chord, cashing on the glam!

Jumping on to the bandwagon but maintaining their unique identity, surfaced the idea of Vanity Vans by a group of students from SZABIST.




Vanity Vans bring forward the idea of personalized Make-up Vans which will bring all the glam and bling right at your doorstep. The groups target market currently dwells over models, celebrities, socialites and the elites.

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The group believes in providing quality services and an ambiance that will change the entire experience of getting your make-up or hair done.

To promote their idea, these guys are carrying out PR Campaigns at SZABIST and providing free hair-styling and glam nail-arts to the students. Moreover, they want to take this idea to Fashion Pakistan Week and other fashion shows, dedicating vanity vans for designer labels which according to me is a pretty kickass idea!

I believe this concept is soon going to become the next big thing in Pakistan’s fashion industry, what do you guys think?



She Said Yes, So Did We!

Winters in Karachi haven’t approached yet but the wedding season has!

This is that time of the year when you’re invited to several dholkis, bridal showers, dance practices and Maayun nights, daylight receptions and endless after wedding dinners and parties and your Facebook timelines are filled with wedding pictures and photoshoots! Yes, you guessed it right single people! 😛

Amidst the wedding shenanigans and winter anticipation, several brands voluntarily and in voluntarily become a part of our routines. What to buy, what to wear, what to eat and what not to! We seldom realize the emotional connect we form with these consumer goods and labels as they become those shinny stars in our big days!

One brand however this year decided to earn it’s place in someone life! Sweet Touch England this year decided to become a part of one lucky bride’s journey to the wedding of her dreams and decided to make her last day of single-hood the best day of her bachelor life!


The journey started when Sweet Touch England started inviting all the Brides-To-Be to register themselves on their Facebook Hosted Portal to win an amazing Bridal Shower before their big day approaches!

Brides all over the country sent in their entries sharing their dreams and aspirations and a few details about their significant others!


The brand didn’t only plan a day for the bride-to-be but also for her loved ones to feel included in her happiness! Surely Sweet Touch England gave it a great thought and decided to come up with the best Bridal Shower a bride can dream of offering;

  • A complete makeover to the bride and bridesmaids
  • Bridal Shower Invitation cards to invite Bride’s guests
  •  Hi-Tea for the invited guests
  •  A beautiful “Bride-to-be” Sash
  •  Special Bridal Shower cake
  • Gifts for the Bride and the guests
  •  Bridal shower games
  • Makeover session and Bridal shower to be covered by pictures and video


Isn’t this just the perfect dream to come true? Of course ever girl would want it but there always has to be one lucky girl! 12240068_1674236899486801_2516844073213283678_n

Sana Sultan is now set to have the Bridal Shower of the year and Sweet Touch England is all prepped up to become a vital part of her journey!

You can too become a part of Sana’s journey! 🙂

Watch out this space for more updates! 😀