Jubilee Life signs Aamir Sohail for ICC World Twenty20

Jubilee Life Insurance Company has signed the legendary cricketer and former captain, Aamir Sohail as their brand ambassador for ICC World Twenty20 with the primary focus aimed at their Social Media campaign, ‘For the love of the game’.

With the commencement of the ICC World Twenty20 and cricket fervour gaining momentum at the national level, Sohail is ready to embrace the game and share his expert opinion regarding the cricket matches being played. His endorsement will be highlighted across the company’s digital platforms; meanwhile, he will also be actively communicating with fans, thereby sharing his expert opinion and analytical viewpoint across about the much cherished game. The Social Media campaign has been thus devised to amplify the nation’s association and massive following of cricket.

Sohail had been at the forefront of cricket during the peak of Pakistan’s cricket era and emerged as a prominent opening batsman. He was part of World Cup 92 that witnessed a dramatic win for the country.

“Having Aamir Sohail onboard, for ICC Twenty20 is a reflection of our lively brand image and our continuous support for the nation’s most venerated game,” said Javed Ahmed, Managing Director and CEO, Jubilee Life, “His invincible performance throughout his career made him emerge as a great sportsman and we are proud to be associated with yet another legend whose expert views will spark nostalgia and excitement among the past and present cricket fans. Being a cricket follower myself, I can very well relate to this exhilarating sport that we at Jubilee Life have planned in light of the sportsman spirit that prevails throughout the country.”

While commenting about signing with Jubilee Life, Aamer Sohail said: “I’m very excited about Jubilee Life’s ‘For the love of the game’ Social Media campaign as it fascinates me to reach out to my fans in yet another interesting way, be it sharing my opinions or relating my own experience with the cricket world of today. I’m looking forward to the stimulating activities that Jubilee Life has planned for this tournament.”


Jubilee Insurance is a global brand of Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) that offers diverse insurance solutions (life, health and general) in the Asian and East African markets. Jubilee Life in Pakistan offers uniquely designed range of life and health insurance plans, catering to various customer segments and needs. These include retirement, child education, marriage, saving & protection, wealth accumulation, life insurance plans for women, rural insurance plans and life and health insurance solutions for the less privileged of our country.


CAREEM Celebrates Spirit of Pakistan Day through a Scavenger Hunt Spread across Historic Locations

CAREEM, Pakistan’s leading app for booking chauffeur driven cars, conducted a scavenger hunt for public of Karachi and Lahore in celebration of Pakistan Day. Themed around photography of local cultural & historic sites, the hunt saw participants, based on clues provided, racing to various locations of their respective city by utilizing CAREEM’s services.

“Although we are a Dubai based start-up, present in 25 global cities, we are proud to say our roots can be traced back to this country, as CAREEM’s app has been completely developed in Pakistan,” said Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director – CAREEM Networks. “This scavenger hunt was planned to not only celebrate this historic day, but also to inculcate in today’s youth the need to be in touch with our roots. For this reason, we chose historic and culturally rich sites for this competition, while the aspect of uploading photographs of each site to social media allows us to promote these locations across the world.”

The monuments for the competition, as decided upon by the management, were the Quaid-e-Azam Library, Lahore Fort, Azadi Bridge, Lahore Museum and Fortress Stadium in Lahore and Pakistan Air Force Museum, Tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Hindu Gymkhana, Jehangir Kothari Parade and Karachi Goan Association in Karachi.

Junaid further added, “I congratulate the winning teams and the runners-up from both cities. We hope all the participants enjoyed a fun-filled day out with their families and friends and had a great Careem experience in celebrating Pakistan Day.”

36 participants from Lahore and 27 from Karachi were chosen to take part in this unique scavenger hunt through a prior registration process. Beginning at 11 am, the participants, along with their loved ones, went about their respective cities to take a picture of each location, upload it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #CAREEMPAK #PakHunt #(teamname) as hashtags before moving on to the next.

Team Markhor from Karachi and Team KalaJadu from Lahore, the winners of the competition, were able to upload pictures of all the locations by 3:00PM on Wednesday, the competition’s deadline. The hunt concluded with a closing ceremony at both cities, where winners and runners-up were handed prizes by CAREEM’s Management.

5 Shoes You Need In Your Wardrobe!

We love shoes. We love them a bit more than we should and it’s no secret. Flats, pumps, peeps, pretty kittens, wedges, we welcome all with an open heart. And the more the merrier. However, sometimes a lady is bound to get distracted by the shiny, feather fairing, sky-high heels and ignore the everyday basics. So it’s time we ensure that our basics are covered before we move on to a rather flamboyant side of our wardrobe! Let’s give the foot floozies a break and focus on long term pairs – those who vow to get us through everyday! Here are 5 shoes you must have in your wardrobe:

1. Comfort Is My Priority Ballerinas

Ballerinas or Ballet flats are the chicest way to scoot around the town, attend business meetings or make a stop at your BFF’s party! They go with everything, thus are your shoe-best friends! Its a must to have black and nude ballerinas in your wardrobe, girls! However colored ballerinas can also work their magic if paired with the right outfit!

You can get your hands on these chic ballerinas at Shoe Planet!

2. Classic Platform Madness

There are no excuses with these, they are basic, a necessity! Nothing can ever go wrong with perfect black platform heel! I got my hands on these at Shoe Planet last week! Having variation wouldn’t hurt though, go for the round toe is you wanna feel a bit more fancy! There’s no limit to what you can wear with these, you bet!

3. Nude Cork Wedges


A wedge sandal isn’t always a shoe-scandal! Its a safety net for those summery gatherings, casual work days and impromptu meetings! The nude nature of it adds a subtle glam to your look which isn’t too over the top! The trick though is to get that nude shade right for your skin type! Lucky for us, Shoe Planet has three brilliant shades for Asian women! What an absolute treat, no?

4. Funk It Up Flat Sandals

Add a little color someday! Funk up your plain tops and kurtas with a hint of coral sandals! I found these sandals as a beautiful balance between comfort and fashion at Shoe Planet! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! These won’t go wrong. Wear them on your busy days when you end up having a long distance relationship with your work desk! Sigh!

5. Signature Kitten heels!

Last but not the least, Signature Kitten Heels! Don’t go for black, instead, opt for shades of brown and burgundy! These heels are for making your Mondays bearable and your Fridays exciting! These heels save your from Mid-Week Crisis! Textured or printed signature kitten heels are absolute Divas and a must for your work/life wardrobe!

These are the 5 shoes I think a girl must have in her wardrobe, what do you guys think? Oh, also, all these are available at Shoe Planet! Go check out their outlet!

Here’s to the love for great shoes!

You Have All The Reasons to Opt for INKOMPASS

These days with inflation, recession, unemployment and what not going on getting a good job has become a global problem. Wait… More importantly getting a JOB has become a global problem!

Amidst this, came forth the knight in the shinning armor – INKOMPASS – providing the #BestInternshipEver completely based on your performance and not on your elite university status. PHEW! Thanks, dude!

So, here’s why you or your sister/brother/cousin/friend/chacha ki beti/phupho ka beta/girlfriend/boyfriend/parosi should go for INKOMPASS.

  2. Competitive environment – they be testing the living lights outta you!
  3. Growth – As an individual and a team player
  4. Future clarity
  6. Great mentoring
  7. Amazing office!
  8. Chance to work abroad!
  10. Unlimited exposure to major fields of work!

What else do you even need?!

All students in the second year of your university, please apply for INKOMPASS and make your future!

For your convenience, here are all the ways to get in touch with them and to apply:

Website: https://www.inkompass.global/pakistan-internship-program

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Inkompass

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/inkompass

Time’s running out so don’t wait and APPLY NOW!

You’re welcome and good luck!


Lays makes Karachi #CleanAndGreen

Seldom brands look beyond their marketing objectives and the numbers they need to generate annually to actually focus on issues and causes all of us fight for.

Lays Pakistan this time has come forward with two amazing campaigns as in initiative to protect environment. Lays, however, is taking baby steps but everything counts towards the bigger value addition of the cause.

Last week Lays aimed to make Karachi #CleanAndGreen by launching their #LaysTrashformers campaign on-ground at Sea-View. img-20160229-wa00361

The team aimed to clean the Karachi beach by collecting and recycling the trash. They have a recycling bin at the sea view near McDonald’s where people can go, play their part towards protecting the environment and making the city #CleanAndGreen!

Looking forward to seeing more of these around Karachi and other cities!