All About Eye-Care With Hashmanis

Guys, let’s just get one thing cleared off first – Eyes are precious and eyes are everything! Hence, eye-care is an absolutely important part and we all must know the dos and don’ts of eye-care or places we should go to.

Good for all of us, we’ve got Hashmanis. I’m going to list down a bunch of things they do. So read on and educate yourself to keep those pretty eyes healthy, shinny and full of vision!

Online guidance for digital savvy and lazy peeps like me:

Being the tech and digital savvy institute, Hashmanis offers free guidance via Skype for refractive solutions. This is a great way to make themselves accessible for people and come forward as a time efficient organization. All the details regarding this can be found on the Hashmanis website.

LASIK At Hashmanis

Having a very progressive approach, Hashmanis, one of the most tech-savvy and prominent health care institute of Pakistan aims to provide their patients with the best. With an specialization in eye care treatment, Hashminis have introduced several new technologies and high-end equipment in Pakistan including LASIK. It is definitely something that’s making people talk in terms of eye care and surgery. Its essentially a rather painless and prompt way of getting the eye surgery done. And mind you, the Hashmanis have tried and tested this technology with several people and have successfully carried out over 50,000 surgeries using this technology.

Witnessing of TOPO-Guided LASIK Procedure At Hashmanis

These guys are the ones who brought TOPO-Guided LASIK procedures in Pakistan.

Also, all thanks to the good Dr. Shariff Hashmani, who took time out to not just do great things but also spread awareness amongst people like us to learn. It took him about 8 minutes to complete a surgery and damn the patient was relaxed and quite happy with the results. They all briefed the patient beforehand to make her more comfortable and that also showed how professional and careful the entire team is.

So guys, you know who’s the best out there so while you’re giving your eyes best make-overs and looks and primers and what not, make sure you give them proper health care as well.

Until next time. xoxo.