What to do with you, Karachi?



Thank you, Typewriter for typing it out for me.


Why, oh why?

I’ve never seen a city bleed so openly, so fearlessly…

How can a city be so heartless and tolerant at the same time? How can it take so many lives and bleed endlessly, silently without complaining? The questions made me think of the people who are responsible for turning this land of diversity into a land stained with innocent blood.

‘Why can’t these people leave the city alone and go take care of their own lives? Like you and me, like normal people. Worry about the everyday mess that life is. Maybe about the dramatically rising petrol rates, shortage of electricity, the ups and downs in aloo piyaas kay daam, an annoying neighbor, a wife who wouldn’t stop whining, a flat tyre, a daughter who might be pregnant, a son who’s secretly smoking or a friend who might be dying of cancer?’ I said. And the only reply I got was helpless looks from my family.

I stood up and left the room shutting the door behind me, completely and utterly disgusted by the looks on my family’s faces.

The pity, the grief I’ve always had was all of a sudden replaced by anger. Something more stronger, filled with unknown hatred. Something that lead me to thinking about ways to bring change, for I know that this city needs more than just helpless stares.

Picture Courtesy: Kachee Goliyan