Paying Tribute to Sindh’s Culture – Designing Done Right!

Being brought up in a Sindhi household, I have always had unconditional love for Sindh’s architecture, details in design, literature and music. I have always cherished Sindhi Culture inspired designs and I couldn’t be thankful enough to Mehran TV and a dear friend Bilalwal Khoso for designing and sending over amazing stuff that depicted the traditional Sindh and today’s modern era so beautifully!

WP_20150219_09_07_51_Pro (1)

Mehran TV is a the first Sindhi Satellite TV Channel, dedicated to people having an appetite for Sindh’s Literature and culture. The Channel Shares cultural stories found around Sindh and celebrates the Culture, Language and Traditions virtually with Sindhis all around the globe!

It’s great to see people like Bilalwal and channels like Mehran TV collaborating to keep a culture alive and make it shine bright amongst several other ethnicities! I absolutely love how the design elements have been used to depict important aspect of Sindh’s culture and to highlight the exceptional personalities like Abida Perveen, Sachal Sarmast, Shah Abdul Latif Bhithai etc!

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Here’s to a great initiative and great designing sense!


“They aren’t entitled to follow and they aren’t supposed to know.”

He said while cleaning the remaining blood stains off the floor.