Jump on to Content Curation Via Tapmad!

It;s no surprise to all of us that digital is growing by each passing hour in Pakistan and brand across the nation and working towards exploring new technologies, strategies and communications to shine bright.

Amidst this grand digital mela of brands putting themselves out there, the start-up culture has majorly picked up, blessing us with great ideas and greater executions.

Tapmad surfaced and shined bright amongst these emerging business ideas and has got people thinking beyond Netflix. With the growth of 3G/4G subscribers in last three years shoot to a whooping 36.41 Million users, content curation has now become a whole new avenue for advertisers, brands and consumers.

Listening to Tapmad’s CEO Yasir Pasha at Alliance Française I thought this might as well just become a golden hen for us in terms of content curation; here’s how:

An Increase in the Local Webisodes and Web-series Production

Webisodes are new, fun, entertaining and just of the right kind of time consuming that will keep you hooked and build your brand’s top of mind and top of sight recall. With Tapmad, launch of local webisodes by brands and artists can become a brilliant way to curate content.

Advertising’s New Favorite Child

Be it pre-rolls, mid-rolls, banners, Tapmad is offering all. Its time for creative teams and advertisers to get out of their shells and move towards curating content via advertising. What’s better is a digital platform by Pakistanis and for Pakistani. Who’d better have an idea of what Pakistanis are a sucker for than our very own advertisers?

This is the Age of Product Promotion and Collaboration

Instead of turning our films into 3 hour long branded ads (sorry Ho Mann Jahan and Karachi Se Lahore, you called it on yourself), brands, producers and directors should focus towards subtle yet effective product placements, promotions and collaboration. With a local platform, we all have now an opportunity to do something different and not just jump on the bandwagon for the sake of it!

I’m sure Tapmad will be introducing more in coming days as it progresses and I hope brands and those making creative decisions will once look outside the window and not complain about the shinning sun!



Teaching Done Right -Lattes & Ladders Board Game Café

Being a business and media student along with working in the field has taught me how important practical execution of what we learn during bachelors is. Unfortunately many well-known business schools around Pakistan do not realize the dire need of practical work and believe in burdening students with verbose reports and research documents which they oh-so-effortlessly copy off the internet or get it done through online freelancing resources. I would have probably stayed with the same opinion I formed for all the schools had I not been asked by a friend from SZABIST to help him with Social Media and Live Tweeting for a class. Explaining the project he said that their teacher had asked them to launch a brand online and come up with an online PR activity in order to earn recognition for the brand. They were instructed to use as many social media platforms as they can (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.) This really got me interested and I went over to SZABIST for the live activation of their brand. Here is a brief description of their brand:

“Lattes & Ladders will be the first dedicated board game cafe in Karachi. We’ll have over 500 board & card games, making us the largest public collection in Karachi. Goal: Sharing love of play with everyone from hardcore gamers to those new to the hobby.

We’ll work within our cafe and around the Greater Karachi Area to help people rediscover the simple joy of rolling dice, trading cards and interacting with friends and family face to face. Latte and Ladders will partner with many Karachi schools, libraries and camps to help develop the next generation of gamers.”
The students had managed to get over 1500 likes on their Facebook Page and a handful of followers on Twitter by live tweeting during their brand activation activities. They had put up live size Snakes And Ladders game at SZABIST 100 for students to ease off their study burdens, relive the memories of their past and indulge in human interactions. I personally felt very nostalgic the two days I spent live tweeting about the event and got a chance to enjoy the memories of what’s no more.
The casual interviews from the core group and other students made me realize how grown up they feel when they get the chance to do something that’s practical and isn’t a bunch of printed pages copied off the internet. Many students said that this is what business schools are supposed to teach us; they are supposed to let us experiment and gain experiences that will help us learn the Dos and Don’ts of the corporate world. I couldn’t have agreed more.
I think all the business schools should invest in such teaching methods and let their students go on the fields to start business ventures on their own. Self-learning has got to be the best form of learning the world will ever see!
Here are some pictures from the live activation of Lattes & Ladders Board Game Café.