Project Today Day # 05 – Eternity Of The Moment

“… but falling in love is an act of magic, so is writing. It was once said of Catcher In The Rye, “That rare miracle of fiction has again come to pass: a human being has been created out of ink, paper and the imagination.” I am no J.D. Salinger, but I have witnessed a rare miracle. Any writer can attest: in the luckiest, happiest state, the words are not coming from you, but through you. She came to me wholly herself, I was just lucky enough to be there to catch her.”

-Ruby Sparks.

I have always been the one living in today, cherishing the moment I have, feeling the pain of what I am going through and not what I went through back then. This moment, now, is what you should worry about. The eternity of this moment is what that matters.

We hold on to words just because we think this might not be the right time or the moment. We never say ‘I love yous’,  ‘You mean a lot to me’, ‘Don’t go, not at yet’ or the simple ‘I’m sorry’ because we fail to realize the eternity of the moment. Forever is too mainstream. There is no forever. All we got is the depth, the longevity of this moment. It could last for as long as an eternity or could end in just a blink of an eye, going away to never come back to us.

Say your words out loud in this moment, even if they are not the right words. Don’t hold back these words  just in hopes of better moments or the eternities of those assumed better moments. Every moment, every now, is special and everything beyond that is a blur.

We fail to see the beauty of spontaneous moment, of wrong words, of these badly-timed confessions. We fail to see the perfection in their beautiful imperfections. Why, you may ask? Because we trust the time. We trust one thing we don’t have, one thing which walks a million miles ahead of us, never matching our pace.

Don’t waste the eternity of this moment. Say what you’ve been holding back for a while now. Words will find their way to you, you just need to bring yourself to say them. Tell the people what you want them to know. Don’t assume that they already know or that they understand. These confessions, these words, they matter the most. Even though they know it in their hearts, they need you to say it for their own eternities of these moments.

Cease the moment. Make sure the eternity of this moment lasts another eternity.


Picture credits: Saad Saeed Photography


“How long is it going to last, I always ask myself.”

“Let’s say for an eternity of this moment, shall we?”