Dove Patches – Changing Realities and Definitions

Have you ever pondered upon who sets these beauty standards that our media oh-so-proudly flaunts? Who decides that size zero is the perfect body size, fair complexion wins the crown and long hair bags away all the possible attention in the world? How often have you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought I’m beautiful just the way I am rather than pin pointing your crocked nose, those acne marks, a new pimple or less pouty lips? Have you ever taken a note of all the beauty that you carry around for the universe to be amazed? No, probably not.

But Dove did! Once again Dove came up with an amazing campaign to bring us face to face with no one but ourselves. Dove Patches introduced us to the fact that #BeautyIs nothing but just a state of mind. Amazed, right? So was I when I got an invitation to attend the Dove Patches’ Global Launch at Verde Bistro Cafe. I’m usually not beauty crazy but I know I have been through times when I’ve looked myself in the mirror and cried over a bad hair day or an unannounced visit by acne, becoming a part of the 80% women who feel hesitant about the way they look.

Dove Patches’ Global Launch took place on 9th April with the event theme of Elegance and Beauty. The moment I entered the Cafe, I was mesmerised by the ambience created by elegant colours and beautiful lights. Who wouldn’t feel beautiful then? Little did I know that not only my state of mind but my way of looking at myself was going to change too!

A gorgeous friend, Sara Muzammil, was the host of the event who started off with introducing us to Dove’s journey of changing women’s perspective of beauty standards. The introduction lead to an experiment that showed how Dove works as a gentle skin moisturiser, eliminating all the harmful skin effects by balancing our skin’s PH number. The experiment was followed by sessions that included screening of Dove Patches’ Video which had every single individual in the room awestruck by it’s sheer brilliance and a window to the reality. We found out that the biggest beauty pressure women have is the one they put on themselves and realised that beauty is nothing but our own state of mind!

Dove Patches was an experiment conduct to prove that beauty is just a state of mind by making a few women wear a beauty patch everyday for two weeks and making them realise how beauty is nothing but merely a state of mind and they are beautiful just the way they are, they don’t need validations or confirmations from others to know that they are exquisite, successful and amazing women! The Dove Patches video can be viewed here.

 Watch it and get inspired! 

The course of the event continued with quizzes and none other than the Selfie Galore where we all were asked to take as many selfies as possible with as many people we can in the entire room with the hashtag of #BeautyIs. This by far was the best way of increasing social interaction. There’s nothing more beautiful than human interactions now, is it?

Later we were served an unbelievably scrumptious three course meal and our departures were turned into a memory by a generous gift baskets that included Dove products, Lals Chocolates and Debenham’s gift voucher from Dove. What a beautiful end to an even more beautiful experience.

The event not only became an inspiration and a source of several realisations for me but also provided me with a chance to make new friends and know several more stories. They definitely said it right that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So become that eye for yourself and see the beauty within you because you and I know that no set standards can stop us from being who we are and that’s precisely was beauty is!

Oh, don’t forget to check out the pictures from the event!

Stay gorgeous, stay Beautiful!

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“What’s the most brutal thing that I have done to you?” I asked.

“It’s the same as the most amazing thing you have done to me – Your words!”


Writer’s Block

There comes a time in your life when you have a million thoughts stacked up in your mind, several things pending, projects in the pipeline, work waiting to be done, words waiting to be said and you amongst all those quintessentially awesome and incredibly messed up things find yourself disconnected. Detached. Its like you want to flow with all the force but everything in the obvious and obscure time and space is holding you back. To me that’s a writer’s block.

Not being able to let go, not being able to let it all out and especially when words fail me.

I found these ‘Dyslexic fragments’ in an abandoned folder in my phone.

Thought I’d share. Just for the sake of words and all that’s beyond them.


He and the entire idea of his being are two things I can never wrap my existence around. Will there ever be enough words, expressions, sighs, touches, heartbeats or moments to make him aware of that?

Will there ever be enough of me to contain enough of him?

Fuck it! I don’t need to.


Incredibly close, utterly exquisite and unbearably distant.


Your existence.


A pang of pain, a rumble in her chest.

His crooked smile that looked more like a smirk.

Shoes. Her broken heels.

The pile of their clothes at the edge of the bed. Broken pieces of glass everywhere on the floor.

Her need to break, completely. His desire to fall for a broken heart.

Will white pants go with this teal V-neck? Dilemmas.

The need of being loved. To love. Unconditionally.

For her to be his. His precious jewel.

Misery and mystery. The despicable games that can be played.

Adrenaline rush. Drugs running in the veins. Choking on the smoke from the cheap cigarrettes.

A death every moment. A death by choice.

The loss within.


Barefoot in the moonlight. A trance created by the joyous souls.

A goodbye to last forever.

The story of the night. Every other night.

The curse in the polite conversation.

The fall of the desperate kingdom of love.






Project Today Day # 05 – Eternity Of The Moment

“… but falling in love is an act of magic, so is writing. It was once said of Catcher In The Rye, “That rare miracle of fiction has again come to pass: a human being has been created out of ink, paper and the imagination.” I am no J.D. Salinger, but I have witnessed a rare miracle. Any writer can attest: in the luckiest, happiest state, the words are not coming from you, but through you. She came to me wholly herself, I was just lucky enough to be there to catch her.”

-Ruby Sparks.

I have always been the one living in today, cherishing the moment I have, feeling the pain of what I am going through and not what I went through back then. This moment, now, is what you should worry about. The eternity of this moment is what that matters.

We hold on to words just because we think this might not be the right time or the moment. We never say ‘I love yous’,  ‘You mean a lot to me’, ‘Don’t go, not at yet’ or the simple ‘I’m sorry’ because we fail to realize the eternity of the moment. Forever is too mainstream. There is no forever. All we got is the depth, the longevity of this moment. It could last for as long as an eternity or could end in just a blink of an eye, going away to never come back to us.

Say your words out loud in this moment, even if they are not the right words. Don’t hold back these words  just in hopes of better moments or the eternities of those assumed better moments. Every moment, every now, is special and everything beyond that is a blur.

We fail to see the beauty of spontaneous moment, of wrong words, of these badly-timed confessions. We fail to see the perfection in their beautiful imperfections. Why, you may ask? Because we trust the time. We trust one thing we don’t have, one thing which walks a million miles ahead of us, never matching our pace.

Don’t waste the eternity of this moment. Say what you’ve been holding back for a while now. Words will find their way to you, you just need to bring yourself to say them. Tell the people what you want them to know. Don’t assume that they already know or that they understand. These confessions, these words, they matter the most. Even though they know it in their hearts, they need you to say it for their own eternities of these moments.

Cease the moment. Make sure the eternity of this moment lasts another eternity.


Picture credits: Saad Saeed Photography

Project Today Day # 01 – Thank yous and Sorrys

“Here you go. Let me know if there’s anything else you want me to help you with.”

“Thank you so much! You are a blessing in disguise.”

“Nayy, friends don’t thank each other!”

“Of course they do! They must!”

A short dialogue with a friend today made me remember the words of someone very close to me. “These words Adyka, these Thank yous and Sorrys matter. These small words make a lot of difference.”

In the quest of everyday life we forget the importance of these words. People, intentionally and unintentionally, do so many thing for us which go unnoticed. We hurt others without even realizing and walk out like nothing ever happened. Like nothing matters. These simple words hold so much meaning, more than our actions and gestures together can show.

Today, let’s make a promise to ourselves and say as many Thank you and Sorrys we can. Or we should. Let people know that we appreciate what they do for us. We appreciate every second they spend while thinking about us, while doing something for us because these seconds once passed will never ever come back again. Let’s apologize for even the smallest of the mistakes to avoid hatred. Let’s make a difference in someone’s life just by saying these small words. Let’s leave marks worth smiling and worth remembering.

Let’s say Thank You and Sorry to everyone, whether they matter or they don’t. Every souls is beautiful and everyone deserves the happiness these words bring.

Ribbet collage


During the passage of this life, I have come to realize the importance of imperfections and details present around us. How conveniently we ignore the beauty of imperfections for the quest of achieving the perfect. How easily we miss out the fine details just to focus on the bigger picture. Life is beautiful with all its imperfections and asymmetries.

Today I’m going to start a 30 days project and write about every fine detail, every small thing which plays an important role in the making of the bigger picture, every beautiful imperfection coming in my way. I’m going to make everyday worth a lesson and share it here for others to realize the beauty of this life.

It is another change, another step towards revelling in the beauty of imperfections.

Let’s see where it ends, or where it turns to another new beginning.

So much for ‘Love’ ?

“Honey can you write down your Facebook name on a paper for me?” My mom asked while watching the ridiculously lame soap, which is apparently the new Desperate Housewives for all Pakistani women these days.

“Why? So you can give it to some woman dying to hook me up with some rich, good looking guy, just so he can drool over my Cover Photos and assume I am too modern (read awesome) for them?!” I said, completely annoyed.

My mom’s jaw dropped down, my sister gasped and my grandmother uttered something unintelligible under her breath and all  three of them stared at me not able to comprehend what they just heard. I stared back at them probably with much more piercing intensity than they were capable of bearing. The minutes passed and the silence got awkward. I picked up the pen, wrote my name on the bright yellow sticky note, stuck it on the refrigerator and almost ran back to my room, unable to contain the anger building inside me.

Why do people relate love with relations and weddings? Why will they go to such lengths and hurt their beloveds just to find love? Doesn’t love free you from the hatred or the hurt? Aren’t you supposed to find love or let it find you on its own rather than having others try to take you to it or bring it at your doorstep? They have made love look overrated by relating it with romance and matrimony. It has become essential to wear an expensive diamond ring on your finger, spend a million bucks on the celebrations and sign legal documents just to assure others that you love someone and that they reciprocate your feelings. I can’t help wondering why? The concept of love goes beyond these worldly matters and ceremonies. Love is not finding someone perfect to spend your life with. It is to live with and love all the imperfections around you. Isn’t it?

I was only juggling with my thoughts and questions when my mom entered my room with expressions I couldn’t read. Or maybe the expressions I didn’t want to read.

“You know we only think about what is good for you and care about your best interest.” She said.

“Mom, I know and I love you for that but you need to understand that Happiness is not equal to Husband.”

“Listen young lady, you can’t always have things your way. Also, you need to fix your Facebook profile. The rules made by society must be followed in order to maintain good image and peace.”

“Isn’t society just a reflection of who we are? Its our good and our bad, mom? And which society are you talking about anyway? The one where you promised the mother inside you to love and protect me or the one where you pledged to present us as a picture perfect family or the society you resent so much because its full of hypocrites, liars, backbiters and bastards?”

She opened her mouth to say something but then didn’t. I saw her surrender there. Not in front of a misbehaving, spoiled daughter but in front of a woman trying to keep herself from being caged and defined by the society. She was left speechless yet once again and she knew why. She kissed my forehead and left the room without uttering another word. I saw understanding, envy, pain and love in her eyes. When she left, she left me with a million more questions and thoughts in my mind.

I sighed with a heavy heart and resumed reading Forty Rules Of  Love only to stumble upon these words;

“The quest for Love changes us. There is no seeker among those who search for Love who has not matured on the way. The moment you start looking for Love, you start to change within and without.”

I silently complained in my prayer and asked God to make people understand and make them let love be before drifting to a dreamless sleep.