That’s What Everyone Waited For!

It finally rained. Washing away the stains of innocent blood, the smell of crime, the pain and suffering in the air and the marks of dried tears. Looks like it brought a new ray of happiness with it. It is as if the rain brought out the hidden beauty of this city I particularly romanticize.

The constant pouring took away the little interest I had in my Dress For Success presentation and the Personal Management class. All I know is that rain in any other part of the world has never had such a strong effect on me. Not even New York.

I stared out of the window through out the class, completely mesmerized by the rain and the magic it carries. I’ve never been that anxious to get out of the class and hit the road before.

I Struggled through the crowded hallways full of soaking wet students, splashing water at each other and made it to the van area without being crushed to death. It reminded me of last year when I felt so lost among all the crazy campus crowd and stayed indoors until my dad came to pick me up.

The minute we hit the road, I found myself completely and utterly awe-struck and lost in the beautiful glowing scenery Karachi had become.

The half naked men walking the streets like they are part of some frikkin royal parade, the kids playing and dancing in the pools of water, the hydrophobic audience enjoying the scene from the roadside, a few teenagers throwing paper boats from the windows, a van full of campus students singing rain songs loudly enough for everyone to turn around and stare at them, mothers holding the hands of their little ones while helping them cross the road, Ishaqzaade roaming around hand in hand, giggling, blushing and looking helplessly in love and crazy drivers honking  their hearts out for the traffic to move. Such a chaotic setting but the most beautiful view I’d seen in a long time. Everyone looked contend. Full of joy. Despite the fact that they were stuck in traffic or their cars were broken or they were getting late for a meeting or a party, their faces were peaceful. It gave me such a homely feeling. Yes, it felt like home. This is home. This is reality. No matter how chaotic or brutal it is, its a part of who we are. Part of who I am.

Sigh. All worth the wait, don’t you think?

First you make us go all rain-deprived and then rain like you’re located in the most prime tropical location.

Such a tease, Karachi. Such a tease.

You’re fierce when you bleed and exquisite when you rain.

Such an inspiration, Karachi. Such an inspiration.