A terrible day, a burning protest, a bleeding city and an intense conversation about mutual hatred for hypocrisy, blasphemy and killing in the name of religion led to something so beautiful and true.

For the love of conversations, reality and spontaneous creations.

Thank you Zuhair for your words. Thank you for coming up with this. This post is for you and your words. 🙂

Ja tu samait lay upne nabi ki shaan,
Tor day kaafiron kay saare bhagwaan,

Aag se poorey karley nafrat kay yeh armaan,
Mizaaj tau tera bhi sakht ho, talkh ho teri zubaan,

Us bargah-e-haq ko tu ne jhutla diya,
Is kayenaat kay khuda ka tu ne lihaaz na kiya,

Tujhay hai shawk tabahi ka, lahu mein teray junoon hai,
Aajizi jo seekhi na tu ne, ub tau teri haar hai,

Larnay chala tha izzat ki jung, le li mazloomon ki jaan tau,
Jo dikhaye ga upna dil usay, nabi bhi tera mehmaan na ho. – Zuhair Abbas Merchant

Random. Too random.

No, things are not right. And maybe it’s good that way. Maybe it’s meant to be. I’m happy and that’s what matters to me at this moments. Not satisfied but happy.

I like uncertainty. It’s just that maybe I’m not still used to it. Sigh. Unprepared presentations make me feel weird. I tend to go for them when I just shouldn’t. Sigh again.