#PlantAPack – Own a Cause!

Each day, most of the brands, millions of people and thousands of creative brains contribute towards a Digital Pakistan! Many of them come up with great campaigns, massive reach and millions of stories. However, only a few stand up for a cause and own a platform.

Lays Pakistan, unlike other brands in the category, decided to own a platform with launching #PlantAPack campaign!


Living in times where our environment is at a great risk and so are our lives, trees are being cut in order to improve living standards, yet giving birth to several environmental issues, we as humans at large are at risk! During this, #PlantAPack is becoming a campaign that saves the day! That moves our youth towards plantation and motivates them to contribute towards saving the planet earth!

With Wasim Akram and Messi supporting green, Lays went to IBA to initiate their #PlantAPack campaign. The idea is to target universities and engage them in the plantation drive where representatives will be dressed as tree mascots and will teach the  students how they can sow a plant using the inverted Lays packet. These inverted Lay’s packets will serve as a replacement to flower pots or bags hence the drive is called, #PlantAPack. It has been experimented that one plantation of such a pack helps produce 3 pounds of oxygen. Imagine the magnified effect!


They started off the activity with IBA and more universities are to be included as well. Each university will make an ECO BOARD or a decorated wall, displaying their plantation by hanging them and the one with the best and most creative ECO Board will win prizes from UEFA Champions League!


This really puts forward Lays Pakistan as a socially responsible brand and definitely leaves several lessons for other brands! This is the kind of bandwagon brands need to jump on! More power to you, Lays!


Spectre – A Swaggering Show of Nothingness

I’m a wee bit late in posting this as compared to all the hype created for the latest Bond movie – Spectre; nonetheless, here I am with all my views and opinions on Spectre and it’s Premiere in Pakistan.


Director Sam Mandes put together a great cast staring Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci,Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes yet failed to deliver the timeless beauty he so dearly hoped to. Here’s a breakdown of how it all went:

The Good

Despite a void in name of a Bond’s story revolving a cryptic message from Bond’s past sending him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization, while M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind Spectre, the finesse in added in the scene was brilliant.

Daniel and Lea Seydoux’s extensive wardrobe was definitely a knight in the shining armor in the ‘Eye Candy’ department. The only thing that kept me motivated to not leave the theater in the middle of the movie.

One of the great satisfactions of Spectre is that, in addition to all the stirring action, and all the timely references to a secret organization out to steal everyone’s personal information, we get to believe in Bond as a person.

The Bad

Seems like Sam Mandes this time around took his inspiration from the Gods and Goddesses of Bollywood and created a hyped up mountain of nothingness. The glam, the cars, the beautiful locations all tried their best to somehow make the story live but like everything, they couldn’t exceed their limits! I wish there’d been a better end to the movie, the hostile, impeccably brutal aura of Bond’s lack of emotions should have lived enough to give a dramatic ending rather than hopelessly falling for a girl and leaving absolutely nothing for the audience to applaud for.

The Savior

The premiere execution was definitely something I loved and was looking forward to become a part of! Two big names in Pakistan – Omega & Collectibles with AM:PM and Gillette – put forward brilliant digital and on ground executions for the movie’s Premiere!

While Omega & Collectibles with AM:PM took pride in inviting kids from Special Olympics for the Premiere along with several celebrities, Gillette took to the Blogger Outreach and gave a Gillette #LookYourBest Makeover to many bloggers.

With the end of this year, it’s safe to say that brands in Pakistan are experimenting with their digital approach towards events and creating a parallel reflection between on-ground and digital executions!

All in all, the experience provided by these two brands saved the day! More power to you two!

Future Tech Brings iPhone 6S to Pakistan

Pakistan is a country thriving with several technology enthusiast, digitally creating conversations related to the Tech brands they endorse. Amidst that there’s always a debate going on about the official merchandise providers in Pakistan. Future Tech, amongst all others, stepped up during the right time and brought the official authorization to selling the iPhone in Pakistan.

The news spread like wildfire on digital platforms where tech enthusiasts from all over the country came forward with their approvals, questions and concerns.

To further engage people, a Pre-Booking service was provided by Future Tech and those pre-booking the phones got amazing gifts from Future Tech! The launch took place at Dolmen Mall in Karachi, Mall One and Fortress in Lahore, Centaurus Mall in Islamabad and, Sitara Mall in Faislabad. Over a 1000 pre-bookings of iPhone 6S were recorded across Pakistan which itself shows the market standing of Advance Telecom and Future Tech!

Coming to the technical side, Future Tech is backed by Advance Telecom, hence the warranty will be provided by these two only!

The launch was graced by the presence of celebrities like Nadia Hussain, Uzair Jaswal, Amna Ilyas and Noray Bhatti!

Good on you, Future Tech, keep bringing awesomeness to Pakistan!

Glam Got Wheels

Fashion industry in Pakistan is gradually catching up to all the international standards set up by fashion hubs like NYC, LA, Milan, Paris etc. Karachi being the city of lights isn’t really falling behind when it comes to rising super models, make up artists, designer labels and fashion shows. With the boom is fashion industry in Pakistan, the digital media and marketing cheetahs have struck the right chord, cashing on the glam!

Jumping on to the bandwagon but maintaining their unique identity, surfaced the idea of Vanity Vans by a group of students from SZABIST.




Vanity Vans bring forward the idea of personalized Make-up Vans which will bring all the glam and bling right at your doorstep. The groups target market currently dwells over models, celebrities, socialites and the elites.

12283092_10153159437391034_576486757_n (1)

The group believes in providing quality services and an ambiance that will change the entire experience of getting your make-up or hair done.

To promote their idea, these guys are carrying out PR Campaigns at SZABIST and providing free hair-styling and glam nail-arts to the students. Moreover, they want to take this idea to Fashion Pakistan Week and other fashion shows, dedicating vanity vans for designer labels which according to me is a pretty kickass idea!

I believe this concept is soon going to become the next big thing in Pakistan’s fashion industry, what do you guys think?


Why Should You Buy the Infinix Hot Note?!

It’s hot! It’s hot! It’s hot!

It’s the Infinix Hot Note X551!

It is not just an average Android! It is an Android like no other! And guess what you can get it for just Rs 12,900!

Here are the key features that you need to know about the Infinix Hot Note:

  • 4 GHz MediaTek MT6592 Octa- Core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • MicroSD support of up to 32 GB
  • 8MP 1080p primary back camera and 2MP secondary front camera
  • Sharp 5.5-inch HD IPS-TFT display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Super-fast charge
  • 20 minutes charging = 7 hours of use
  • 4000MAh of battery capacity


The Infinix Hot Note comes under the phablet category. It has a sharp 5.5-inch HD IPS-TFT display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. Its back cover is plastic and textured which gives it a metallic look. The android is available in three colours namely anthracite grey, champagne gold and copper brown making it suitable for all tastes.  The phone has 4,000 mAh of battery capacity, 16GB of built in memory with an addition of up to 32 GB of external storage as well as two SIM Slots (Mini SIMs) and a microSD card slot.

X551_Champagne Gold X551_Champagne Gold_Front_B_2


With the selfie craze still trending in Pakistan, a camera in your phone is highly essential. A phone without camera is like a car without headlights.

With Infinix Hot Note you don’t need to worry about taking pictures. It has an eight mega-pixel 1,080p primary back camera and two mega-pixel secondary front camera! Infinix Hot Note also has geo-tagging feature, face detection, mutli-shot, Panorama, smile detection, HDR, Motion Track and a dedicated LED flashlight just below the camera. You can also use the Sound trigger feature in the phone, to capture the right moments in your life.

And did I tell you that you can also record 1080P full HD videos at 30 fps.


With a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, you don’t need to worry about your phone powering off!

Smartphones run out of battery (from 100% to 0%) in a few hours. However, the Infinix Hot Note has crushed the competition in this sense as you can use the phone for two days straight with your usual consumption.

Charging the Infinix Hot Note for 20 minutes means you can use your phone for another seven hours! Woah!

If you want to get rid of your battery worries, the Infinix Hot Note is the phone to buy!


Gestures! The Infinix Hot Note has exploited this feature as well.

All you need to do is double tap your phone screen to wake your device, and then draw the relevant letter to open the particular application. Draw a ‘C’ for Camera, an ‘M’ for music and a ‘W’ for WhatsApp to name a few. You can also have gestures associated to your contacts. So play around with gestures for a little bit of fun!

X551_Champagne Gold_Front_B_3


I recently used Q Mobile Noir A900 and hands down Infinix Hot Not would be my pick any day when compared to QMobile, Rivo or Oppo. The screen resolution is way better, the camera quality and the battery life is brilliant enough for a heavy mobile user like me to opt for Infinix Hot Note!

My recommendation

Waste no time! Hurry up! Get using now!

Buy your own Infinix Hot Note for just Rs12,900 by visiting Daraz.pk: http://goo.gl/rxz7HD and become a part of the Infinix Hot Note club!

#LiveItAbhi – The Fawad Khan Style

Every summer has a story, every summer has one best memory and every summer has has a drink that beats the heat!

But honey this summer, we’ve got Fawad Khan along with Pepsi to add to all the glory!ezgif.com-crop

Seems like Pepsi is up to something super amazing, hence the pairing of chilled Pepsi and the hot Fawad Khan 😉


Pepsi’s new ad commercial has featured Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan, beating the heat with chilled Pepsi! Just the first sight of it had several people craving for Pepsi!

Going back to the golden days of my childhood, I remember how Pepsi was the highlight of the summer. How it was the most craved for thing at the dinning table, be it lunch or dinner, or a hangout with friends, be it a study session or any moment to celebrate joy, Pepsi was always a part of it! The tradition has continued, Pepsi has made its place in our hearts and now with Fawad Khan in the ads, it definitely made a score!


So what are you all waiting for? #LiveItAbhi with the hotness Fawad Khan and of course Pepsi! Make your summer! Oh and don’t forget to check out the ad! You won’t regret it!

Happy Summers ❤

How Hot is the #HotSecret?

We’ve all been hearing about the #HotSecret and it has been teasing us like no brand has ever before!


First the #Hotsecret being a phone and then the brand being Infinix Pakistan and now finally coming down to the details, Daraz’s competition about the price!

So here goes my guess on it, hope I’m right! *Fingers Crossed*

The Infinix Pakistan’s #Hotsecret Phone is worth 12,900/- PRK!


Breaking: The most talked about #HotSecret has been revealed! A secret source just confirmed that Daraz’s #HotSecret is a new mobile phone brand launching in Pakistan! The phone is going to be apparently the best buy for today’s social media crazy users!

Over the weekend, after Daraz’s quite sexy and suggestive video, #hotsecret took over social media, making everyone question that what’s the hot thing coming our way? Check it out yourself!!

Several Twitterati reacted to the trending hashtag in a rather funny and punny way! Here are some of the top tweets that had me laughing like a mad woman!

Even I joined in 😀

Aren’t they hilarious?!

But, but, but…

At least the wait if finally over!!! And we all have an in on the #hotsecret now!


I can’t wait to know which brand it is, what sort of an exclusive phone it is, can you? Share your excitement on Twitter using #hotsecret!



2nd Innings Club – SZABIST Students Get Thoughtful!

The rapid evolution in the modern world we live in has lead to us abandoning our families at various stages of our lives. We have given in to the needs of being digitally connected to such an extent that we have started to let go of the idea of human interactions and relationship bonding. This change has come to mainly affect the elderly people of our society. Almost everyday we see people abandoning their old parents only because they don’t have the time and the will to take care of them and interact with them on regular basis. During such times when we have stopped thinking about the elderly people let alone spend time with them, students of SZABIST have developed a soft corner for the ones who get abandoned.

Recently I was approached by a group from SZABIST with the name of 2nd Innings Club for their hypothetical project of launching a virtual organization catering to a cause. I have had been approached previously for such projects by the students of the same university and I still believe that for students studying business this project is the best example of proper and effective teaching methods. I got the chance to see other hypothetical companies and their launches and their youth centric approach but this particular group took me by surprise due to their cause and the target market.

2nd Innings Club is basically a hypothetically launched place for the elderly people on social media. This place isn’t an old age home where people leave their parents during their final days. 2nd Innings Club is a paradise for the elderly people of our society who deserve our utmost attention and care.

The group carried a pre launch activity at SZABIST where they made everyone write messages to the elderly people. The group generated an emotional wave in the campus by making students write to their grandparents and take out a few moments from their busy lives to think about the people who played a key role in their upbringing.Blog

Later the group went to Bint-e-Fatima, an old age home, to meet elderly people and spent some time with them.

What really fascinated me was the dedication of this group towards the cause. Even though its just a virtual project, the group had loyalties and utmost determination tied to it.

This made me realize the need of such places and our I capability to take care of the people who had taken care of us without expecting anything in return. This also gave me a chance to go out and spend some time with elderly people and find joy in their stories and laughter.

This, like I had mention in previous blogpost, is the best teaching technique for business students to learn how to work with start up ventures and strategize their brand image and put social media to proper use.

Below attached are some pictures from the groups activities during the course of the launch of 2nd Innings Club.