“What’s the most brutal thing that I have done to you?” I asked.

“It’s the same as the most amazing thing you have done to me – Your words!”



Writer’s Block

There comes a time in your life when you have a million thoughts stacked up in your mind, several things pending, projects in the pipeline, work waiting to be done, words waiting to be said and you amongst all those quintessentially awesome and incredibly messed up things find yourself disconnected. Detached. Its like you want to flow with all the force but everything in the obvious and obscure time and space is holding you back. To me that’s a writer’s block.

Not being able to let go, not being able to let it all out and especially when words fail me.

I found these ‘Dyslexic fragments’ in an abandoned folder in my phone.

Thought I’d share. Just for the sake of words and all that’s beyond them.


He and the entire idea of his being are two things I can never wrap my existence around. Will there ever be enough words, expressions, sighs, touches, heartbeats or moments to make him aware of that?

Will there ever be enough of me to contain enough of him?

Fuck it! I don’t need to.


Incredibly close, utterly exquisite and unbearably distant.


Your existence.


A pang of pain, a rumble in her chest.

His crooked smile that looked more like a smirk.

Shoes. Her broken heels.

The pile of their clothes at the edge of the bed. Broken pieces of glass everywhere on the floor.

Her need to break, completely. His desire to fall for a broken heart.

Will white pants go with this teal V-neck? Dilemmas.

The need of being loved. To love. Unconditionally.

For her to be his. His precious jewel.

Misery and mystery. The despicable games that can be played.

Adrenaline rush. Drugs running in the veins. Choking on the smoke from the cheap cigarrettes.

A death every moment. A death by choice.

The loss within.


Barefoot in the moonlight. A trance created by the joyous souls.

A goodbye to last forever.

The story of the night. Every other night.

The curse in the polite conversation.

The fall of the desperate kingdom of love.






Project Today Day # 01 – Thank yous and Sorrys

“Here you go. Let me know if there’s anything else you want me to help you with.”

“Thank you so much! You are a blessing in disguise.”

“Nayy, friends don’t thank each other!”

“Of course they do! They must!”

A short dialogue with a friend today made me remember the words of someone very close to me. “These words Adyka, these Thank yous and Sorrys matter. These small words make a lot of difference.”

In the quest of everyday life we forget the importance of these words. People, intentionally and unintentionally, do so many thing for us which go unnoticed. We hurt others without even realizing and walk out like nothing ever happened. Like nothing matters. These simple words hold so much meaning, more than our actions and gestures together can show.

Today, let’s make a promise to ourselves and say as many Thank you and Sorrys we can. Or we should. Let people know that we appreciate what they do for us. We appreciate every second they spend while thinking about us, while doing something for us because these seconds once passed will never ever come back again. Let’s apologize for even the smallest of the mistakes to avoid hatred. Let’s make a difference in someone’s life just by saying these small words. Let’s leave marks worth smiling and worth remembering.

Let’s say Thank You and Sorry to everyone, whether they matter or they don’t. Every souls is beautiful and everyone deserves the happiness these words bring.

Ribbet collage